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standing with my artwork

Intuitive Artist & Visual Medium
Reiki Master & Teacher
SoulNar Sound & Energy Practitioner

Kathy Ferella began her spiritual journey 20 years ago and it all began with Reiki which changed her life. Kathy wanted to know more about Reiki and how it really worked. In 2022 Kathy  completed her training as a Reiki Master Teacher. For Kathy receiving and giving Reiki is a lifelong journey. A journey Kathy wants to share with others and let them experience the healing that Reiki has given her in mind, body and spirit. 

​Kathy is also a  passionate Intuitive Artist & Visual Medium who lives in Melbourne, Australia where she creates Spirit Guide drawings from her art studio. Kathy's Soul Art is specially commissioned artwork just for you. It's much more than just a decoration for your home. Her Soul Art reflects an individual's essence; it connects into your emotions. 


Kathy can see your guides and she can hear them. There is a deeper well of information that comes forward. Her readings are ultimately a combination of what Kathy hears and what she channels. The channeling comes from deep within and the information isn’t just about the spirit guide but about the person. It is very relevant information for life. 

Kathy discovered her psychic abilities at a young age and has communicated with the spirit world ever since. ​She uses colour and an inner awareness to create beautiful channeled spirit guide drawings. This creative process allows Kathy to provide psychic guidance and visual soul readings from spirit who walks beside us all in silent counsel. ​

The magic in Kathy's Soul Artwork is that each drawing is infused with Reiki healing energy and the intuitive messages assist people with their soul path, relationships, career, health, and life purpose.

In 2022 Kathy became a SoulNar Practitioner. SoulNar Sound Healing Energy Therapy combines elements of Hands on Energy Healing with the use of High Vibrational Musical Instruments that are played on and around the body. 


Soul Art Readings Services



Spirit Guide Drawings 

A Clairvoyantly drawn portrait of either your Spirit Guide, Spirit Animal or Angel  using artist grade pastels on black paper. You will receive a drawing of this beautiful energy, along with channelled messages. 

  • Includes free postage in Australia 

  • WorldWide postage available on request

  • A2 size paper ( 42 x 59.4 cm )

  • A3 size paper ( 29.7 x 42 cm ) 

A2 Spirit Guide Drawing & 30 minute psychic reading; online or written 

@ $175.00 *free postage 

A3 Spirit Guide Drawing & 30 minute psychic reading; online or written

@$160.00 *free postage 

A2 Spirit Guide Drawing only 

@ $125 *free postage 

A3 Spirit Guide Drawing oonly 

@ $110 *free postage 

Psychic Reading Sessions 

Private psychic reading  is an ideal first session for new clients, or for a follow-up session for existing clients. Kathy's readings are ultimately a combination of what Kathy hears and what she channels. Kathy can see your guides and hear them. There is a deeper well of information that comes forward. 


The channeling comes from deep within and the information is very relevant information for life. Kathy will also use oracle cards and any messages she does receive and relay to you during the reading.

Online Psychic Reading Session 

30 minutes @ $100.00

Written Psychic Reading 

Email @ $75.00

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Massage room

Reiki Healing Sessions

Reiki Healing Session 

In Person 60 minutes @ $120.00 

Distant Reiki Healing Session 

30 minutes @$110.00 

Distant Reiki Healing & Psychic Reading 

55 minutes online @ $175.00


Home/Business Reiki & Energy Clearing

In person @ $222.00

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Sound & Energy Healing Treatment

SoulNar combines the powerful combination of Sound & Energy Healing into one truly life chaning healing modality. 

In your session , Kathy will use 3 powerful aound healing instruments:

  • Crystal singing bowl (tuned to frequency of the heart chakra) 

  • 528hz chime 

  • Tingsha bells 

In every SoulNar session, Kathy works on cleating your energetic and emotional fields with a combination of guided chakra breathwork, sound healing and hands on energy healing. 

This helps to shift past traumas that have been held in the bodies energetic memory field. If left untreated, these can manifest as emotional imbalances, disease or even pain. 

Working with the chakras, SoulNar helps to gently shift you energetically , leaving you feeling truly relaxed , uplifted and renewed. 


BURWOOD EAST, VIC on request

60 minutes @$150

(allow 90 minutes)

Healing Therapy

"The magic in this work is that you have a life long gift of Kathy’s time, talent and energy, that comes with the experience."

~ Scott (ACT)

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