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Psychic Reading Sessions

​Kathy's readings are ultimately a combination of what Kathy hears and what she channels. Kathy can see your guides and hear them. There is a deeper well of information that comes forward.  The channelling comes from deep within and the information is very relevant information for life. Kathy will also use oracle cards and any messages she does receive she will relay to you during the reading.

In Person or Online Reading

This is an in person or distance session done remotely via zoom. In this 30-minute psychic reading, Kathy will help you gain clarity to questions needing answers or provide advice on your life path, relationships, career and other facets of your life.

30 minutes 

$100.00 AUD

Written Psychic Reading by Email

In this written psychic reading Kathy will use pen to paper to speak and connect with your energy at a soul level. The reading is provided in email format, together with photos of cards pulled for you.


$75.00 AUD 

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