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How to ask the right questions when having a psychic reading?

“Oracle cards are the key to opening your connection to the universe where

anything becomes possible”.

By Kathy Ferella

How to frame your questions?

I usually approach a psychic reading with respect. It is a time to connect with and have an open dialog with the Universe. I try and treat this conversation like a sacred ceremony.

When you frame your question do so to receive information for your (or others) highest good. Avoid looking for answers that imply a yes or no, you want to get a more detailed picture of the energy fuelling the situation.

Avoid questions such as:

"Will I end up with this person?" - it is a yes or no question

Instead, ask the question

"For my highest good, what would be the result of my entering into a relationship with this person?" If asked this way, it will reveal what you need to know for the highest good!)

Asking the question from the perspective of your soul's highest good will help show how you can move past things that may not be good for you, but especially, you will receive the messages that show you when you're back on the right track.

When you're in alignment with the Universe, the real magic shows up!

Ask what you need to know or what steps you need to take.

If you desire something ask; why and what will you gain by pursuing it.

Emotionally you can tell why you want it, but subconsciously you may want it for all of the wrong reasons, and sometimes to your detriment. Asking what you need to know will help reveal the results of the situation or action and how you may end up feeling. It will also show you what part in any situation you play a factor in and how you can create an action to change it or advance it.


Here are some example questions that will help you understand how to frame the question for the highest good, and reveal what you need to know.

1. How can I resolve my problem with ( )?

2. What can you tell me about ( )?

3. What do I need to know about finding my purpose?

4. I love doing ( ), what can you tell me about the first steps I need to know to make it happen?

5. My ( ) and I am not ( ), for my highest good, what action should I take?

6. I haven't ( ) what can I do to ( )?

7. If I ( ) , what will the result be?

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