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Sleep Meditation

This is my gift to you .

A meditation that will help you relax all your tension, and drift off into a peaceful rest.

by Kathy Ferella

Every day this week, listen to this Sleep Meditation. Commit to meditating for 7 nights in a row and you’ll feel more vibrant and well-rested when you wake up in the morning.

This sleep meditation is so soothing. It's a really, really, really relaxing meditation to ease your body into a restful night of sleep. It'll help you relax every part of your body and slow down your breathing. The mantras will help you feel into a lot of inner peace and sense of safety.

Sleep Meditation

Gently close your eyes.

Find a comfortable sleeping position.

Feel your body sink into your bed.

Take a deep breath in, pause, and breathe out slowly. Identify anywhere that you might be holding onto tension in your body. As you breathe, focus on relaxing all your muscles, all your tension.

  • Soften your eyes.

  • Soften your forehead.

  • Relax your tongue.

  • Allow your jaw to drop slightly.

  • Take any pressure off your neck or shoulders.

  • Relax your hands, and arms.

  • Relax your legs. Let your toes and legs release any tension now.

Take a deep breath in and hold that breath for a moment.

Allow yourself to sink deeper into your bed as you exhale.

  • Breathe in, breathe out, breathe in, breathe out.

  • Breathe in, I am calm.

  • Breathe out, I am relaxed.

  • Breathe in, I am peaceful.

  • Breathe out, I am safe.

Start counting down in a moment. As each number comes to your mind, visualise yourself descending a beautiful staircase. With each step, you will feel more and more relaxed and drift toward sleep.

Counting slowly. As I you say each number, breathe in deeply. Focus your attention on the staircase. Take one step down and exhale fully.

Starting with

20. Breathe in. Focus your attention on the staircase, and take one step down.

Breathe out to the numbers. Breathe into the number

19. Your legs are relaxing. Exhale the number 19.

18. Breathe into the number 18. As you focus all your energy. Relax. 18.

17. Feeling more relaxed. Stepping down the stairs. 17.

16. Pleasant, calm, slow breath deeply as you descend.

15. Your attention drifts slowly, randomly, focusing on the staircase.

14. Very relaxed, descending peacefully down the staircase.

13. Calm, relaxed, peaceful, safe.

12. Focusing on the staircase, allowing other thoughts to slip away.

11. Deeply relaxed. See the staircase in your mind. Slowly, descending down to sleep.

10. Concentrating just on the staircase. Continue to count down and descend into sleep now.



7, drifting off to sleep,

6, deeper and deeper,







Let’s strengthen our mediation practice together

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